BodyNote: Supporting Rich Emotional Communication



A fun way to keep in touch.
Demontrational Video (QuickTime MOV, 9mb, 5min)

Project Description

BodyNote is meant for two people.

  1. Each person gets a device puts it on their desk at work.
  2. When they feel like it, they adjust the form of the human and the other person's device synchronizes slowly to that same form - it's a shared medium.
  3. One can write short messages on the small LCD screen. As you write a message, the other device's screen shows the message being written in real-time, just as your wrote it.
  4. When you are in front of your device, the other person's presence indicator goes on so you both know when you're both in front of your respective devices.

Design & Development

Sticky Note. Constrained input affords casual communication.
Refridgerator magnets. Simple, lightweight widgets that one rearranges to produce an infinite number of messages.
We had an idea for low-bandwidth, abstract, real-time video chat where we would use image processing techniques to abstract out only those facial features that could express emotion.
We had an idea of a haptic interface that would allow you to record audio, video, as well as a physical movement to produce a "moment communicator".

We used clay to develop a model of the device. We experimented with accessories.
A team member (group of 3) sketched out a low-fidelity prototype of the device, showing the range of motion of the LCD message pad.

My Role & Responsibilities

Along with 2 team members, I designed the device, came up with the feature set and interaction method, the target audience, and the scenario. I wrote the script, directed, and helped produce the video.