Review Sheet for Electronic Textbooks


Improve electronic textbooks? Create electronic review sheets.

Presented at the 2003 ACM SIG on Computer-Human Interaction

Project Description

How should we improve digital textbooks?

  1. Conduct contextual inquiries with students and professors at CMU
  2. Model the data to understand where breakdowns occur
  3. Strengthen the book metaphor while not replacing books
  4. Create an electronic review sheet and enhanced note-taking tool

Modeling Data

We conducted contextual inquiries with professors and students in the target community: introductory computer science courses. To the left you'll see a work flow diagram of the potential users of the digital textbooks.


Low- to High-fidelity Prototypes

Low-fidelity prototype
Medium-fidelity Photoshop prototype

My Role & Responsibilities

I am always a committed and passionate group member. My main role in this project was team leader and feature designer. I conducted contextual inquiries, performed heuristic analyses, created artifact and information flow models, and practiced other formal HCI techniques along with other team members. I wrote the final paper and had it accepted by the CHI Student Poster competition.


The idea and design was accepted with high praise by the Adaptive Book team at TextCentric. They implemented our ideas and it is fully-functioning.

An advertisement I created to encourage students to attend our presentation.

Moraveji, N., Travis, A., Bidinost, M., Helpern, M., Designing an Integrated Review Sheet for an Electronic Textbook, ACM Conference on Computer-Human Interface Conference (SIG-CHI), Ft Lauderdale FL, April 2003.